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Retired LAPD Captain Cory Palka – His Years as Scientology’s Best Friend

LAPD Captain Palka received a large check for Youth Programs each Christmas from Scientology’s Celebrity Centre.

Retired LAPD Captain Cory Palka was in charge of the Hollywood Division. He was a glamor cop who was seen in many photos with celebrities. Palka was also the Church of Scientology’s best friend.

There is an argument to be made that Captain Palka and the Hollywood Division hampered the investigation into the LAPD rape allegations against actor Danny Masterson. The actor was criminally charged earlier this year with three counts of forcible rape. Each charges carries a sentence of 45-to-life if Masterson is convicted in LA Criminal Court.

We at Dirty Cops and PI’s will be doing a series of articles to document what went on in LAPD Hollywood from the time the charges were first made against Masterson to the time charges were filed by LA DA George Gascon. This took over ten years.

Scientology acts to influence law enforcement agencies whenever possible. Scientology needs dirty cops and dirty PI’s to do its bidding.

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