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Lisa Ribacoff Confronted Over Racist Text Messages Allegedly Sent by Dan Ribacoff, her Father & Polygraph Examiner from Steve Wilkos Show, IIGPI

Lisa Ribacoff, daughter of Dan Ribacoff, the self-proclaimed celebrity private investigator and polygraph examiner, from the Steve Wilkos Show and International Investigative Group LLC (IIGPI), was confronted at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas over highly offensive racist text messages her father allegedly sent to several private investigators.

Lisa Ribacoff of InDepth Polygraphs Speaking at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas

Lisa Ribacoff was invited to speak about her experience as a polygraph examiner at CrimeCon Las Vegas, presented by Oxygen Network, despite serious allegations that her company, InDepth Polygraphs, is facing regarding its role in the use of polygraph exams to allegedly suppress the hiring of black police officer candidates at the New York MTA. The New York Daily News reported on these very serious allegations in November 2021.

The CEO of Lisa Ribacoff’s Company, Dan Ribacoff, Allegedly Sent Racist Text Messages to Several Private Investigators

Dan Ribacoff, CEO of International Investigative Group, Ltd. a/k/a IIGPI.

According to a NY Daily News exclusive story, racist texts, allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff, the owner of a InDepth Polygraphs, who was contracted by the MTA to perform pre-employment polygraph screenings for police candidates, are raising serious concerns about racial gatekeeping within the agency.

The racist text messages came to light when a prospective MTA police officer, Jonathan Carter, filed an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) complaint against the MTA.

One of several racist text messages allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff

In his filing on September 29, 2021, NYPD officer Jonathan Carter, claims he was turned down for the job for failing a polygraph test given by Ribacoff’s daughter, Lisa Ribacoff, and believes racial bias played a significant role in his failing his polygraph exam.

According to the article, a text allegedly sent by Ribacoff on September 15, 2017, showed an internet meme with the Disney character “Tigger” photoshopped above a Black child’s head with the caption “You’ve heard of ‘Elf on a Shelf,’ now get ready for…” The implication is that the sentence ends with the N-word.

In another 2018 exchange, Ribacoff allegedly sent a meme of a Monopoly board called “Black Monopoly” where all the spaces read “Go to Jail” to an employee. The employee responded, “lmao,” then allegedly told Ribacoff how he dressed in blackface for Halloween in 1983 as the EEO complaint details.

“Hahaha. Love it,” Ribacoff allegedly replied.

At least seven other racially charged texts are mentioned in the EEO complaint, including one sent on March 24, 2018 in which Ribacoff, allegedly refers to the way he intends to discipline a worker: “only give him ghetto work.”

The texts – found by Carter’s lawyer, Peter Crusco –  were included with evidence against Ribacoff in pending Nassau County New York Supreme Court lawsuits, alleging negligence, fraud, and the aiding and abetting of rapes and sexual assaults of a female surveillance subject.

Lisa Ribacoff Administered the Polygraph to the Black Applicant Rejected by the MTA

According to the Daily News “In his filing on Sept. 29, NYPD officer Jonathan Carter claims he was turned down for the job for failing the polygraph test given by Ribacoff’s daughter.”

Lisa Ribacoff of InDepth Polygraphs, IIGPI (left) MTA Police Candidate Jonathan Carter (right)

New York’s MTA Terminates Polygraph Contract with Lisa Ribacoff, InDepth Polygraphs

InDepth Polygraph, IIGPI, lost its pre-screening polygraph contract with the NY MTA over the publication of racist text messages allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff

Within hours of the Daily News publishing their exclusive story, and the racist text messages allegedly sent by Dan Ribacoff, the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority issued a statement initially suspending the Ribacoff’s contract to provide polygraph services for new police candidates. We reached out to Peter Crusco, the former prosecutor who filed the EEO complaint against the MTA, and he confirmed that the Ribacoff’s contract had, in fact, been permanently terminated and a new company was providing polygraph services for the agency.

Lisa Ribacoff, Polygraph Examiner, Confronted Over Racist Texts, and Her Involvement

DCPI has acquired shocking video from a confrontation with Lisa Ribacoff, which took place in a meeting room open to attendees at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas. Ribacoff was asked by an attendee to explain the accusations against her alleging racial bias, as well as the racist text messages allegedly sent by her father and owner of InDepth Polygraphs, Dan Ribacoff.

When confronted by an attendee and asked, “what about the racist text messages from your father?” Lisa Ribacoff ordered the attendee, a Black male, to “step aside.” She then became increasingly agitated and responded, I’m not my father, I’m not my father!

The video of the interaction at CrimeCon:

It’s true, Lisa Ribacoff is not her father, but she remains a principal and manager of InDepth Polygraphs and International Investigative Group (IIGPI), two companies owned by Dan Ribacoff.

Obviously, Lisa Ribacoff condones the same disgusting and offensive beliefs undoubtedly influencing her, and her father’s polygraph results.

A culture of racism permeating a firm, who is under contract with industry and government, to administer and score polygraph exams, certainly has staggering, social, ethical, and civil rights implications.

Reporter Confronts Lisa Ribacoff at CrimeCon, asks about PI who Allegedly Raped Woman Ribacoff’s Firm was Surveilling

Recent NY Post Article and Evidence Regarding in the Rape Case Against one of Ribacoff’s P.I.’s

Following the exchange with the attendee over her father’s racist text messages, Lisa Ribacoff was approached by a reporter who asked for comment regarding a private investigator her firm (IIGPI) hired and she allegedly personally supervised, named Yanti Michael Greene (Greene recently changed his name to Michael Cruz). Greene / Cruz was accused of drugging and raping a Long Island woman in 2018, who Ribacoff’s firm IIGPI was contracted to surveil.

When asked by the reporter “I want to talk to you about Yanti Michael Greene, a former NYPD detective … accused of raping a woman you … were associated with.” Lisa Ribacoff responded “I can’t speak to that … I don’t have counsel here!” which was an obvious attempt to avoid answering allegations that clearly have compelling evidence behind them. Following that question, Lisa Ribacoff made a b-line for the door and quickly surrounded herself with security.

The reporter then followed Lisa Ribacoff into the hallway and continued questioning her regarding Yanti Michael Greene, the IIGPI investigator who allegedly raped the Long Island woman he surveilled for the Ribacoffs, and the negligence lawsuit Lisa, her family, and their company are embroiled in. When the reporter caught up, she asked “Ms. Ribacoff, why would you continue to hire somebody who’s an alleged and accused rapist?” Ribacoff then turned and walked away as fast she could, never answering that question.

Lisa Ribacoff quickly flees CrimeCon after being confronted with questions from a reporter

Dan Ribacoff, Lisa Ribacoff, Lance Ribacoff, Barbara Ribacoff, their firm International Investigative Group LLC, and several private investigators hired by the Ribacoffs, including Yanti Greene, Richard Custodio, and Fred Caravousanos, are embroiled in lawsuits to the tune of $50 million, alleging fraud, gross negligence, and aiding and abetting rapes and sexual assaults, among other causes of actions.

Why was Lisa Ribacoff asked by CrimeCon to speak at their trade show?

The founder of CrimeCon, Kevin Balfe

CrimeCon, presented by Oxygen Network — which is owned by NBCUniversal — invited Lisa Ribacoff to present at their last two exhibitions. Ribacoff has also appeared as a guest speaker on CrimeCuise, an affiliated exhibition.

Dan Ribacoff appeared as the polygraph expert on the Steve Wilkos Show, which is produced by NBCUniversal at its Stamford Media Center in Connecticut.

Given the serious nature of the allegations against Lisa Ribacoff, her father Dan Ribacoff and their companies International Investigative Group and InDepth Polygraphs, why would the producers of CrimeCon, Oxygen, and NBCUniversal associate themselves with such despicable individuals and organizations?

When Dan Ribacoff’s racist text messages were first exposed, we reached out to Kimberley Harris, the Executive Vice President of Comcast Corporation and General Counsel of NBCUniversal, for a comment. Ms. Harris never replied.

Likewise, we reached out to Sara Paige of NBCUniversal who is based at the Stamford Media Center where the Steve Wilkos show is filmed. We asked for a comment and she too never responded.

It seems that NBCUniversal likes to profit from the “True Crime” genre but has swept the racist text message scandal involving Dan Ribacoff under the rug. The producers of the Steve Wilkos Show are aware of the issue and never released a statement.

Is there a culture of cover up going on inside NBCUniversal? If so, what does this say about their commitment to expose crime wherever they find it?

Alleged Racists, Lisa Ribacoff and Dan Ribacoff, are “Community Liaisons” for the Nassau County Bar Association We Care Fund


We have learned that Lisa Ribacoff and Dan Ribacoff are community liaisons for the Nassau County Bar Association We Care Fund charitable organization, and Lisa Ribacoff is a member of their Advisory Board. The Nassau County Bar association members include prominent attorneys based in Nassau County Long Island.

We reached out to the Nassau County Bar Association for comment regarding the allegations made against certain community liaisons and advisory board members of their We Care Fund, but they declined comment. It’s hard to believe that a renowned organization, such as the Nassau County Bar Association, which prides itself on upholding the law and the fair and ethical treatment of others, would tolerate blatant racist behavior from one or more members of its charitable arm. It would appear that serious conflicts of interest exist within this organization.

Lisa Ribacoff, IIGPI, Still Providing Services to the Steve Wilkos Show

Dan Ribacoff previously appeared on the Steve Wilkos Show as the polygraph expert but hasn’t been seen on the show since the story broke exposing the racist text messages he allegedly sent. However, it has come to our attention that, despite the serious allegations against Ribacoff, IIGPI, and InDepth Polygraphs, it appears the producers continue to use Lisa Ribacoff to provide services for the show.

Using a polygraph examiner who is associated with a company headed by an alleged racist to administer and score polygraph exams for guests of a TV show — many of whom are minorities — demands an investigation by the FCC and other agencies.

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