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Attorney Peter Crusco: Is Disgraced Celebrity Polygrapher Dan Ribacoff a Racist Gatekeeper at the NY MTA?

Jeffrey Augustine interviews New York attorney Peter Crusco, a former US Federal prosecutor. Crusco represents Jonathon Carter, an NYPD officer who filed an EEOC racial discrimination complaint against the New York MTA.

According to an exclusive online article published in the NY Daily News, Jonathan Carter, 29, of Uniondale, NY, a police officer with the NYPD filed a complaint with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), claiming that the NY MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) uses polygraph tests to “suppress the hiring of African American (Black) police officer candidates.”

Carter’s EEOC complaint contained racist text messages allegedly sent by celebrity polygrapher Dan Ribacoff. Dan Ribacoff appeared on the NBCUniversal nationally syndicated program the Steve Wilkos Show as its celebrity polygrapher from 2010-2021.

The NY Daily News article:…

After the online exclusive was published by the Daily News, the MTA canceled all remaining polygraph examinations for new applicants, scheduled to be given by Dan Ribacoff’s company InDepth Polygraphs through early 2022, when his contract with the agency expires. Investigative journalist Jeffrey Augustine reached out three times to NBCUniversal — the producer for a comment on Ribacoff’s racist text messages. NBCUniversal has not responded to our requests. However, as the website revealed, Dan Ribacoff’s name and photo were removed the Steve Wilkos “team members” website and he was made a nonperson. Dan Ribacoff is a private investigator who founded and owns International Investigative Group LTD a/k/a IIGPI. Dan Ribacoff is presently a defendant in a multimillion dollar lawsuit in which he is alleged to have aided and abetted in the sexual assault of the female subject of a private investigation Ribacoff’s firm conducted. The press release on the lawsuit:…

Description: Jeffrey Augustine and journalist Tony Ortega, former editor of the Village Voice, and Editor of the blog The Underground Bunker, discuss Dirty PI’s from Dan Ribacoff’s International Investigative Group (IIGPI), who were hired to spy on actress Leah Remini, while she filmed a movie in New York with Jennifer Lopez.

According to text messages sent by IIGPI Dirty PI, Yanti “Mike” Greene, who confirmed he was trailing actress Leah Remini, likely for Ribacoff’s client The Church of Scientology, “word is they want to kill her.”

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