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Dan Ribacoff, Lisa Ribacoff, IIGPI, Settle Multimillion Dollar Lawsuits Alleging Sexual Assaults Committed by Firm’s P.I.’s, Client Billing Fraud

Dan Ribacoff, the self-proclaimed celebrity polygraph examiner and New York State Licensed Private Investigator, who previously appeared as the “Polygraph Expert” on the Steve Wilkos Show, his daughter Lisa Ribacoff, his son Lance Ribacoff, and their firm International Investigative Group (IIGPI), have settled two multimillion dollar lawsuits alleging client billing fraud, negligence, and numerous sexual assaults perpetrated by private investigators who worked for them, according to recently filed court documents.


Michael Cruz aka Michael Moretti, former NYPD Cop, Drugged, Raped Woman he Trailed for Dan Ribacoff’s P.I. Firm IIGPI – Expert Concludes

EXCLUSIVE: There’s been a development in a story we’ve been…


Lisa Ribacoff Confronted Over Racist Text Messages Allegedly Sent by Dan Ribacoff, her Father & Polygraph Examiner from Steve Wilkos Show, IIGPI

Lisa Ribacoff, daughter of Dan Ribacoff, the self-proclaimed celebrity private…


Yanti Greene a/k/a Michael Cruz, P.I. hired by Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI, Accused of Rape, Guilty of Criminal and Civil Contempt in High Profile Long Island Sexual Assault Case

By Jeffrey Augustine Greene / Cruz, Retired NYPD Detective Hired…


Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI Admonished by New York State for Violating State Laws, Subcontracting with Unlicensed P.I. Yanti Michael Greene; Greene Allegedly Raped Female Surveillance Subject While Working for Ribacoff

By Jeffrey Augustine DCPI has acquired, what appears to be,…

Michael Moretti a.k.a. Yanti Greene a.k.a. Michael Cruz, P.I. for Dan Ribacoff, Found Guilty in New York Sexual Assault Case, Ordered to Pay Plaintiff $350,000

There’s been a development in a story CBN has been…

Racist Texts Allegedly Sent by Dan Ribacoff, Polygraph Expert at Steve Wilkos Show, IIGPI, Appear to Support Discrimination Accusations Against NY MTA

By Jeffrey Augustine UPDATE:  According to an article published in…

Dirty PI Anthony Pellicano: The Story of How He Wiretapped Nicole Kidman During Her Divorce from Tom Cruise

Dirty PI Anthony Pellicano wiretapped Nicole Kidman during her divorce from Tom Cruise. Pellicano went to prison for 16 years for racketeering, wiretapping, wire fraud, and computer fraud.

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