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Prison Guard Who Raped Inmate Over a Five Month Periods Asks for No Prison Sentence

Former Brooklyn Federal Jail Guard Carlos Martinez from a Facebook photo.

Convicted rapist and former jail guard Carlos Martinez asks a judge for no time in prison. Asking for special treatment in prison, or for no prison time,  is typical of dirty cops after they have been convicted of crimes.

Their argument is that prison is not safe for former police officers. This is correct and makes a powerful argument for police officers to not commit crimes.

However, judges don’t like to hear dirty cops asking for special treatment. Courts come down hard on dirty cops for having disgraced their positions of authority, their oath to protect and defend, and their badge.

This rapist former cop will have to show his paperwork when he rolls up into probably a Level 3 yard. The convicts will know he was a rapist and a cop. Rapists in prison are considered just a notch above chomos (child molestors).

Daily News: 

A Brooklyn federal jail guard convicted of repeatedly raping an inmate begged a judge to give him a no-prison sentence as he faces down a different kind of life behind bars.

“He failed to exercise sound judgment and made the worst decision of his life,” wrote Carlos Martinez’s lawyer in a sentencing memo filed in Brooklyn Federal Court Thursday, adding that the former lieutenant has “regret and remorse” about his criminal conduct toward the detainee.

Martinez spent five months from 2015 to 2016 ordering the inmate, who goes by “Maria,” to come to his office in the Metropolitan Detention Center to clean, but when she got there he would violently sexually assault her.

While he raped Maria, Martinez would scan surveillance cameras in his office to make sure that no one could catch him in the act.


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