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PI Arrested for Carrying a Weapon without a Permit

How many times does this happen every year? Police are called to investigate a suspicious individual who has been parked in a car with heavily tinted windows for a few hours or more. The police roll up. Inevitably, the individual is found to be a private investigator on a stake out.

A stake out, or field surveillance,  is legal for a licensed PI to conduct. However, the gun on his car seat or in the center console is not legal. In many states, PI’s aren’t allowed to carry a weapon without a permit.

This recent arrest was yet another PI who took his gun along with him on a stake out with a gun. The PI caught a felony charge for this and was placed in jail after his arrest. As reported by Peak of Ohio:

A driver was arrested on felony weapons charges Tuesday morning around 10:45.

The Bellefontaine Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle complaint on East Brown Avenue near the Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Samuel Gyles, 44, of Mason, Michigan, was asleep in a pickup with North Carolina license plates.

The pickup had dark tinted windows and had been parked for about three hours.

The officer tapped on the window and woke up Gyles.

Gyles said he was a private investigator conducting surveillance in the area.

Authorities noticed a handgun on the passenger’s seat.

Gyles is a registered private investigator in Ohio, but he is not permitted to carry a weapon.

Gyles was charged with carrying concealed weapons and improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.

He was lodged in the Logan County Jail.

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